Friday, September 28, 2007

life ab tak......

You came outta womb and after a couple of yrs you started walking..

You blew tantrums and everything was put into your kitty by your parents..

You overwhelmed when your kindergarten teacher gave you a big star on your wrist..

You cried in the school bus and always forgot your tiffin box in school..

You got thrashed while using first cussing in front of your parents

You hide your school diary which was full of bad remarks

You did false signatures on your report card and finally a feeling of responsiveness came in boards..

You burnished your exam papers like anything but as usual checking from the teachers was not up to the mark. *highly optimistic people*

And finally you came into graduation or i should say lover boy stage where you realized there's no life beyond your cell phone and your girl..

That late night talks and when caught, those illogical excuses; ah, i bet you still remember all of em.

Farewels and discotheques, shimmering clothes, stupid excuses at home, coming late every night ... gosh !!! All those things are as fresh as a hot spongy truffle with a vanilla scoop..

And your convocation in college , that long coat and a beautiful crown like cap ... i bet everyone must be thinking to capture the whole world

Your first job, boring and drab ... work and work but still you manage to take out time for those mischievous things ..

And that realization to continue your studies was again ENTERING THE NEW WORLD..

Finally you're sitting alone and thinking...Man .. you're 21 ... is life fast or my memory is so sharp that all the things ive done uptill now are crystal clear?????

hearty thanx to my friend PEEYUSH for allowing me 2 plagiarise his work.....thanx dude..... U ROCK


Anonymous said...

good work piyush...stop plagarisin aditya!!!!!
ps- misss u sooooooooo much : (

rani said...

adiwaaaaaa this reminded me of Childhood thread at PG.. *sob**sob**sniff*

Tanu Shivnani said...
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