Monday, July 23, 2007

life as it is......

It was his birthday.
After a purfunctory lunch with their common friends , he took her to her favourite coffeehouse,ordered her favourite pastry,played her favourite song and knelt down beside her with a bunch of her favourite roses in oblation.
She knew it was coming & she was determined to get over with it as soon as she could or was possible.But she could was not possible.It was his birthday after all!She sat motionless on her chair while her hand hung limply with the flowers.
He knew the answer-but he still wanted to hear it..hoping against all hope that she might...
Her silent tears told it all..Some things are not meant to be..
He put on his social mask and turned back to the jovial being he is..only she could see through the pretense..she knew he was putting up an act.She even believed that probably no one would ever love her the way he did.
During the years of togetherness-laughter without reason is what brought them close..He would crack silly jokes or pass comments just to see her smile.She would let go off all reason, her air of sobriety and giggle like a child.She felt so alive at those times!
Maybe this was the selfish reason why she could not let go even when she knew it was coming.Even when she felt the tension in their relation increasing with his growing desire to possess the object of his affection.
That night he did not sleep.
Neither did she.


rashi said...

hmmmm.....when you said it was the masterpiece tht u hve written,i thought,it must be one of your usual style,one tht wud take us on the roller coaster ride of laughter,....but hello,wht do i find here,one of those stories tht i very humby thought my dear fren was just not capable of writing....amazing write up sweetheart....without making it obvious,you hve tried to portay a lot...mind u ppl,i m sure he's got a rocking career ahead in writing!!!!

Diva said...

..really like the part where you wrote...'he put on his social mask'..
keep up the gud work

sheenam said...

hey!!! tht guy really luves her... nd she shuld understand... let them rise above the social disparities.. coz nohing is powerful than the power of luv... they'll surely b together 1 day!!!

Anonymous said...

well written. Touching. Hope some day they understand each other.

Anonymous said...

Life goes on....
as events fold....the mask changes colors.

Very well written!
Can read it over and over again!